Trading Standards Issues Stark Warning at CE Marking Seminar

Published: 10th June 2013

Trading Standards Issues Stark Warning at CE Marking Seminar

The Cairngorm Group, which includes Cairngorm Windows and Alba Trade frames recently held a seminar, at The Castle Stewart Golf Links, the home of the Scottish Open. The group asked Martin Althorpe, Technical Director at Swish Window & Door Systems, to deliver the keynote speech on CE Marking. It was at the meeting that Trading Standards issued its warning to the industry, be compliant or be prepared to take the consequences.

The seminar was convened and hosted by The Cairngorm Group in an effort to explain the intricacies of CE Marking to its trade customers.  The meeting was very well attended by a cross section of the industry in Scotland, from some of its leading house builders to ‘one man bands.’

As Chris Dowling, Director of The Cairngorm Group explained: “Our motivation behind hosting the seminar was to ensure that our contacts within the industry were all conversant with the current legislation.  Martin Althorpe gave a detailed and insightful talk to the group, which included two representatives from Trading Standards. It was their comments during the question and answer session that really made the attendees sit up and take note.”

When the question of policing the industry over CE Marking arose Trading Standards was unequivocal with its reply. If compliance isn’t achieved by July 1st then it will take robust action.  The penalty for non-compliance with CE Marking is a £5,000 fine and the possibility of a 6 month custodial sentence.

Chris Dowling: “Trading Standards made it quite clear to those of us present, that it will actively police the situation. In fact the industry was asked to help by reporting any rogue traders it may come across. It was a tough warning, and it went further, by stating that no grace period will be given as the industry has had over six months to comply with CE Marking legislation.”

In spite of the stark warning or perhaps because of it, the seminar was considered a great success by those who attended and also by those who spoke at the event.  As Martin Althorpe said: “I must congratulate The Cairngorm Group on having the foresight to host this seminar, hopefully we were able to dispel most of the myths surrounding CE Marking, and through the positive statements made by Trading Standards, we were able to demonstrate the values of compliance and the consequences of avoiding it.”

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