Kestrel invests in sustainability

Published: 10th March 2023

Kestrel invests in sustainability

Fascia and cladding brand Kestrel is investing in the future as it upgrades its manufacturing process to boost energy efficiency.

Over the past year the brand has invested in nine new injection moulding machines, which are 42 per cent more energy efficient than their predecessors.

At the same time a new mixer and cooler, introduced at the end of 2022, has brought in a 55 per cent saving on energy, compared to the previous system.

Kestrel Operations Manager Scott Sinclair said that the improvements were part of a rolling programme aimed at improving time and energy efficiency.

“As we look at capital investment each year and plant that needs upgrading and replacing, we are focused on energy efficiency,” Scott explained. “This ongoing focus is helping us to improve the carbon footprint and sustainability of our products.”

Kestrel has a long-standing commitment to environmental standards and manufactures all of its products within an ISO9001 quality management system and an environmental management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001.

Kestrel is also certified to BES 6001, having met stringent manufacturing criteria to achieve this ‘green’ standard.

Along with investing in manufacturing, Kestrel has installed electric car chargers into its Scunthorpe headquarters, to allow staff to charge their cars.

“As we renew our fleet of company cars, we are moving towards hybrid and electric vehicles,” Scott added.

“Setting up charging points at the headquarters helps to encourage staff to electric and hybrid vehicles, helping us to play our part in reducing emissions.”

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