The Retail ‘Authority’ – Swish Reinvigorates its Authorised Installer Scheme

Published: 30th January 2008

The Retail ‘Authority’ – Swish Reinvigorates its Authorised Installer Scheme

Swish Window and Door Systems has reinvigorated its authorised installer scheme, delivering unparalleled support to installers in the home improvement market.

Swish announced a £6.5million programme of investment in its new TwentyFour-Seven system and brand last summer.

As part of this rolling programme of investment the systems company has unveiled a major re-launch of its authorised installer scheme.

The scheme gives qualifying installers access to a dedicated marketing, advertising and sales support programme developed to exploit each and every opportunity for new business growth.

But it isn’t open to everyone. To secure maximum value for its members, the Swish Authorised Installer Scheme is only available to companies that meet set standards of service. This includes current FENSA certification and a documented complaints procedure.

Swish also reserves the right to inspect the quality of installations before membership is agreed and to carry out periodic inspections of installations carried out by ‘authorised’ installers to ensure standards are maintained.

Paul Lindsay, general manager, Swish Window and Door Systems explained: “Swish is one of the very few, if not the only window and door systems company to enjoy national brand reputation outside the industry and as it’s a household name it’s that much easier to generate leads, convert them and justify a premium and to secure a greater margin.

“This gives those who manufacture and install Swish products, whether in the Traditional 70 or TwentyFour-Seven systems a direct commercial advantage over their competitors.

“The Swish brand is, however, only of value to those who carry it because of its association with quality, service and innovation in the consumer psyche.

“It’s therefore, clearly important that we protect the our brand reputation and by implication add-value to the Swish proposition, by making sure that those installers who are admitted to the scheme meet and maintain standards of service to the householder.
“Consumers want to buy with confidence and the Swish logo acts as that stamp of assurity.”

Those who do qualify for the scheme get the full backing of the Swish sales, marketing and advertising machine. This includes access to a wide choice of ‘ready-made’ advertising and direct marketing material. Alternatively Swish also offers full support to develop bespoke campaigns.

Swish also offers a choice of brochures designed to match the individual preferences of different businesses. This includes ‘Fresh Living’ a magazine style brochure plus the more minimalist ‘Your Home, Your Choice’ brochure.  Authorised Installers also get to grow their online presence from initial development through to search engine optimisation.

Paul said: “If you spend a little on advertising and develop consistent themes in marketing literature and online you can start to develop a consistent message. This needs to be underpinned by service and product quality but if it is, a few simple steps can help you grow your reputation.

“This process can be accelerated by associating your business with an already established brand. And that is what Swish is about – our name and the support that we give Swish Authorised Installers will not only open the door but can directly support installers in closing sales.”


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