Swish Sponsors ‘Olympian Games’

Published: 28th August 2012

Swish Sponsors ‘Olympian Games’

Swish Window and Door Systems has gone global as a sponsor of a founding movement of the modern Olympic Games.

Set up by doctor and philanthropist William Penny Brookes to encourage healthy living among Shropshire’s populace, the first Wenlock Olympian Games was held in Wenlock in 1850. This later became a founding influence on the modern Olympic Games.

The annual event is described by its organisers as a “festival of sports and the arts competitions at their friendliest and best, which welcomes local, national and international competitors”.

And with its twist tempering the Olympic ‘winner takes all’ mentality with a sense of English chivalry, fair play and pageantry, the event’s reach an Olympic year has extended far beyond Shropshire and as far afield as Germany and even Japan.

Entering into the spirit of 2012, Telford-based window and door specialist Swish signed up as main sponsor of the triathlon earlier this year.

Sonya Baird, brand manager, Swish Window and Door Systems said: “Given that wider interest and the slightly peculiar mix of Olympic ambition with a quintessentially British sense of fair play, the games has generated an amazing amount of global interest, with the Swish brand beamed into households around the globe, albeit that are customers are for the most part a little closer to home.”

Events include everything from badminton to bowls, archery to clay pigeon shooting, ‘kwik cricket and the modern biathlon to solo instrumentals and poetry. In true Olympic style winners receive bronze, silver and gold medals, plus for certain categories, Wenlock Pottery pieces.

As main sponsors, Swish contributed directly to funding of the 162-year-old event, while employees also gave up their time to pitch in with its running.

Baird concluded: “We’re a Shropshire-based business and with the London 2012 Olympics, it only seemed appropriate that we supported the Wenlock Olympian Games, here on our door step.

“It’s a great event, it’s an opportunity for us as a business to put something back into the local community and it has a fantastic feel-good factor attached to it. The organisers put in a huge amount of effort and we’re delighted to have been able to support them.”

For more information about the Swish Window and Door Systems 0808 178 3040, email info@swishwindows.co.uk  or visit www.swishwindows.co.uk.

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