Swish Launches Technical Guide

Published: 11th December 2012

Swish Launches Technical Guide

Swish Window and Door Systems has launched a new Technical Guide, which includes full details of Swish’s product portfolio, as well as technical information on Building Regulations and multiple reference materials.

The first section of the new 104-page Technical Guide includes technical drawings for each of the window and door styles that can be fabricated using the Twenty Four Seven system, including casement, tilt-turn window, residential door and curtain walling.

The second section of the new guide focuses on product characteristics, outlining weather, fire and condensation considerations, as well as structural advice and reinforcement options, so that customers can use the guide as a handy reference tool. There is also a comprehensive segment on energy ratings, so that fabricators and specifiers can see the energy performance of Swish products.

Building Regulations are covered in the third section of the guide, which includes information on how to meet guidelines in Document B, E, F, K, L, M and N. This section also includes detailed diagrams relating to Building Regulations, with supporting advice and recommendations from Swish Window and Doors Systems.

The new guide also includes information on glass and product care, plus useful reference tools including product charts and frame weight calculators.

Lawson Price, Technical Sales Manager for Swish, said: “Our new Technical Guide contains comprehensive advice and information, helping fabricators and specifiers to understand what the Twenty Four Seven system can achieve.”

To request a copy of the new Technical Guide, contact Swish Window and Door Systems on 0808 178 3040 or download a copy from the website by visiting www.swishwindows.co.uk.

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