‘(S)i(lent)-Pad’: Swish Specified on Unique Development

Published: 29th November 2011

‘(S)i(lent)-Pad’: Swish Specified on Unique Development

Swish Window and Door Systems has been specified and supplied to an innovatively designed new property, built on the site of a former toilet block and featuring advanced levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The corner plot in a Bristol suburb has been transformed as the site of a modern sedum-roofed and cedar-clad three bedroom property.

Its position in close proximity to a dual carriageway meant the acoustic performance of the building envelope was a critical part of the design process.

Windows in dual-colour grey on white supplied by SG Windows and manufactured in Swish, were specified by developer Inglerock to provide an enhanced level of noise insulation, achieving a reduction of 39 decibels (RW39dB).

Neil Rogers, managing director and owner, Inglerock, said: “The acoustic insulation was very important to us. We’re not very far away from a dual carriage way and we didn’t want that to impact on the living space. For that reason we specified a high level of wall insulation – 120mm behind double thickness plasterboard – roof insulation, including a sedum roof and high performance windows.

“The other element to the window installation of course was the aesthetic side. These are dual colour, white on the inside to support the sense of light and space inside and grey on the outside to blend with grey render and cedar which will grey with age.”

A Swish Approved Commercial Manufacturer, SG Windows manufactured and installed a total of 13 high performance windows to the project.  Alongside the thermally efficient Swish frames, these featured specially developed acoustic DGU manufactured from an 8.8mm sheet of Standip Silent Glazing, 14mm cavity and 6mm low-e thermal glass.

Installation and manufacture were also made more challenging as SG Windows had to accommodate an 11 degree curve in windows installed at the front of the property.

Steve Rubotham, director, SG Windows explained: “Part of the front of the building actually curves including one window aperture. The large window at the front of the building is consequently manufactured from three separate products fitted on a pre-welded cill and then joined with coupling bars.

“Alongside this there was a demand for an exceptionally high level of acoustic performance which was achieved through the use of acoustic glass.

“Combined this was certainly a more unusual project and one which created a unique set of challenges.

The building also features a heat recovery and ventilation system. This meant that windows could be designed and installed without the inclusion of trickle vents which would have impacted on the effectiveness of sound proofing.

Neil, a former procurement manager for Redrow Homes, added: “The aesthetics are very strong throughout the property, the windows fit in and compliment the definition that exists between the different material types and deliver the practical performance that was so important to this project.

“We’re delighted with them.”

For more information about the Swish Window and Door Systems 0808 178 3040, email info@swishwindows.co.uk  or visit www.swishwindows.co.uk.

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