PVC-U Windows Deliver ‘Eight-Year Pay Back’ – New Report

Published: 20th January 2012

PVC-U Windows Deliver ‘Eight-Year Pay Back’ – New Report

A new pan-European report has found that PVC-U windows can pay for themselves in as little as eight years when assessed against the total cost of ownership.

The study found that when the cost of purchase, installation, maintenance repair and ultimately replacement were assessed – ‘true’ lifetime product cost – PVC-U windows delivered significant savings compared to other material types.

In comparison the payback period on hybrid wood and aluminium products was 24 years, aluminium alone 14 years and wood nine.

Commissioned by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) and conducted by Althesys Strategic Consultants, it also found that on average, initial purchase costs of PVC could be up to 41 per cent less than aluminium and up to 36 per cent less than wood.

Jim Rawson, chairman, Epwin Group, said: “As a Group we welcome the findings of the ECVM/ Althesys report. The PVC-U industry has redefined its attitude towards sustainability. It is a widely recovered and recycled material and the commitments the industry has made are now widely recognised.

“It is the downstream activity, however, that is so exciting where a new generation of PVC-U products are delivering real change. In what it can deliver in thermal efficiency and in-life carbon reduction, in new architectural flexibility and in cost effective delivery.”

The study carried out last year at locations in Germany in the North and Italy in the South, was based on an analysis of PVC-U, wood, aluminium and wood/aluminium hybrid windows, with a U-value of 1.3 W/m2K.

The eight year pay back cited in the report on PVC windows is drawn from results from German test sites where the colder climate meant energy consumption was higher so savings through the installation of energy efficient windows greater.

With a carbon footprint of extruded profile of just six per cent of that manufactured using virgin material plus a triple glazed option, the Epwin Group launched its ultra-energy efficient and fully recycled window system RECO22 last year.

Available from Group company Profile 22 it achieves a u-value as low as 0.8 W/m2K, easily reaching Code level 6 and beyond, while also becoming the first window system to secure a dedicated A+ rating across all domestic applications from the BRE.

Rawson concluded: “PVC-U windows and doors are a low maintenance, affordable, thermally efficient and sustainable product.

“I would also hasten to add they are not simply ‘white’ but come in a vast range of wood grain and colour finishes –  a thermally efficient, lower maintenance and affordable alternative to aluminium and wood.

“We believe PVC-U building products can support the construction and social sectors in extracting the maximum return on budgets and not least in delivering not only environmental but economic sustainability in the built environment.”

For the full results of the study please visit www.pvcconstruct.org

For more information visit the Epwin Group at ecobuild on stand N1310 at London’s Excel Centre March 20th to 22nd. The Epwin Group has a permanent stand at the Building Centre, Store Street, London or alternatively visit www.epwin.co.uk  or email info@epwin.co.uk

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