A Paralympic Sized Opportunity

Published: 11th December 2013

A Paralympic Sized Opportunity

The window and door industry has always been active, but somewhat reticent in its approach to disability. Are we doing a disservice to the 19 per cent of the population by not pro-actively promoting the realm of products on the market that are specifically designed with the disabled user in mind?

As part of its commitment to delivering a homeowner focused service, Swish Window and Door Systems has undertaken extensive research to source the best products for the disabled market, looking at criteria included legal compliance, ease of use and longevity of product. By monitoring consumer trends, Swish Windows and Door Systems has discovered that the potential of this market for the industry is huge.

Handle’s Made Easy

The central position of handles on windows is not always ideal for disabled people, for those in wheelchairs or for the elderly the traditional position of the handle is often out of reach. Coupled with the other issue that some windows, generally in kitchens or bathrooms can be hard to reach, ‘MACO’ has developed an espagnolette that has an handle offset from its centre.  The design of the ‘Maco R.A.I.L. REACH 185,’ places the handle locking device 185mm from the bottom of the window and is ideal for use on side hung windows.

For a disabled homeowner accessing their home is a main priority and for wheelchair users this can be particularly difficult.  Door handles can be stiff and unwieldy and this can be problematic for some disabled people.  ‘HOPPE UK Limited’ have developed an extended lever option available for the disabled market.

Macclesfield based threshold manufacturer ‘Stormguard’ has developed the Proline Threshold System, this is a range of premium thresholds that have combined integral exterior ramps and optional internal ramp options to ease access to buildings for wheelchair users.  The Proline System Thresholds have been tested in severe weather conditions and are compliant with Part M – Access to and use of buildings of The Building Regulations 2010.

Keyed Up For Success

Doing something simple like using a key to unlock and open the door is taken for granted by most of us, but for those whose condition affects the hands and even their balance it can be something akin to a nightmare.  In a huge technological advancement the home security specialist ‘Yale Door and Window Solutions’ have developed a ‘Keyfree’ system that locks a door by use of a fob.  This frees up the users hands for balancing or operating a wheelchair. In addition the Keyfree system can provide easy access for carers, whilst still ensuring robust security for the homeowner.  The ‘Yale Keyfree’ system is an ideal product for installers to be promoting to disabled or elderly customers.

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