No ‘Second Thought’ – the Epwin Group Gives its Backing to New Plastics Safety Initiative

Published: 21st September 2010

No ‘Second Thought’ – the Epwin Group Gives its Backing to New Plastics Safety Initiative

The Epwin Group, the specialist low maintenance building products group, has signed-up to a new initiative to cut the rate of injury within the plastics industry.

Figures for 2008/09 show that one person was killed and 1,158 were injured in a sector that employs more than 143,000 people giving it – and in keeping with the manufacturing sector more broadly – one of the highest rates of industrial injury.

The Safety in Manufacturing Plastics (SIMPl) program has been launched in partnership between the Health and Safety Executive, industry-bodies and individual businesses. The aim is to significantly cut the sector’s injury rate over a three-year period by embedding a health and safety culture within individual businesses.

Lynn Edwards, Epwin Group and chair, British Plastics Federation, Health and Safety Committee, said: “It’s easy to forget how intrinsic health and safety is in supporting business operations and employee welfare – even the smallest failure can have drastic consequences.

“The SIMPL initiative offers industry wide support to those companies that have either realised the benefits of good health and safety management and have started to implement change, or guide those that aren’t sure of where to start through the first all important steps.

“It should be seen for what it is – an opportunity for positive change and as a tool to deliver practical safety management across our industry.”

Those companies who sign-up to SIMPl will receive support to achieve long-term improvements. An accident reporting format will also be set up for each area of industry, against which year on year reduction targets will be set.

Manual handling and slips and trips were responsible for the majority of injuries reported across the plastics industry in 2008/09.

Kevin Myers, deputy chief executive, HSE  said: “The injury rate in the plastics industry, like the rest of the manufacturing sector, is well above the all industries average. It’s essential that senior management recognises the importance of developing a positive health and safety culture, but we also need to draw on the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of those closest to the risks, the employees.”

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