‘No Fuss’ WER and U-value Solution Launched by the Epwin Group

Published: 31st August 2010

‘No Fuss’ WER and U-value Solution Launched by the Epwin Group

A new cost-effective and easy route to Part L compliance has been unveiled by Epwin Group extrusion businesses, Profile 22 and Swish Window and Door Systems.

Approved by CERTASS and FENSA, the scheme gives fabricators access to an easy to use online calculator, which allows them to demonstrate compliance on any number of specifications.

This significantly reduced the cost involved in approving products while providing fabricators and installers with a clear and demonstrable route to compliance with the  new regulations that come into force this month (October).

These changes to Part L state that all replacement windows will have to achieve either a U-value of 1.6W/m2K or a WER ‘C’ rating of above.  Doors have to achieve a minimum U-value of 1.8 W/m2K.  In all cases a burden of proof is placed on  retailers to establish as fact, through a clear audit trail, that what they install fully complies with regulations.

Gary Millership, specification engineer, Epwin Group Extrusions Division, said: “The challenge for many fabricators and installers to date is that existing routes to compliance have been so specific that even the slightest variation to outer frame meant that product has to be tested and a full audit trail specific to that window or door had to be provided”.

“Epwin Group Extrusions Division has developed an accurate calculator which can generate results against almost any combination of product”.

“Results from the calculator have been approved independently by CERTASS and FENSA and through them we are able to offer Profile 22 and Swish customers, whether fabricators or installers a low cost and effective route to full compliance with building regs whether they opt to go down the WER or U-value route”.

Those subscribing fabricators are given unlimited access to the password controlled calculator allowing them to input any combination of frame, reinforcement, components and glass unit.  The calculator generates both U-values and WERs and also allows fabricators to print off certification and specific documents.

Installers who buy both glass frames from their supplier can simply ‘piggy back’ on their fabricator’s accreditation.  Those buying in glass and frames separately can sign-up to the scheme through their frame fabricator, providing that they can demonstrate through an auditable trail that the glass they use performs to the same level as that used in the calculated model.

John Smyczek, operations manager, Swish Window and Door Systems, said : “This is simply the most comprehensive and straightforward route to compliance with Document L.  It eliminates both the overhead and the headache whether going down the U-value of WER route, while on the latter allows fabricators and installers to realise the full marketing collateral that the WER scheme offers”.

For more information visit Swish Window and Door SystemsProfile 22, or call 01952 290910.

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