New Year – New Advanced System

Published: 13th December 2007

New Year – New Advanced System

Swish Window and Door Systems has started commercial production of its new advanced TwentyFour-Seven system featuring technical innovations specifically designed to meet shifting consumer expectations.

Developed to sit alongside the systems company’s existing Traditional 70 offer, the new TwentyFour-Seven suite went into full production bang on schedule at the beginning of this month [JAN].

Complete with integrated hardware, the fully sculptured suite has been developed as a state-of-the art system designed to appeal to both retail and new build markets.

Underpinned by a £6.5 million programme of investment in the Swish product range and brand, the company argues every aspect of the Swish offer is geared to support fabricators and installers in securing maximum margin against a backdrop of changed market conditions.

Paul Lindsay, general manager, said: “Swish is a high street brand and that gives our customers whether manufacturing and installing in the Traditional 70 or new TwentyFour-Seven suites an edge on their competitors.

“TwentyFour-Seven has been designed to have strong USPs that will give it major appeal to consumers in addition to technical advances that make it both easier to manufacture and install.

“Designed to sit alongside the existing Traditional 70 offer we believe it will give our customers new choice and to support them in reaching new markets.”

Swish took full control of its manufacture and supply process earlier this year, ending a supply contract with Aluplast to bring its operation in-house, as part of a programme of initiatives to deliver an improved service to its customers.

As part of this process Swish developed the TwentyFour-Seven system, designed to offer fabricators and installers a number of ‘quick wins’,  simplifying production and generating new retail opportunities.

For example, with a five chamber system coupled with unique low line gasket, the suite helps to secure maximum glass area making it much easier to achieve an ‘A’ class energy rating.

This is further enhanced by the system’s use of the RCM reinforcement. Manufactured form recycled composite material RCM closes the loop on the recycling process bringing old ‘waste’ PVC-U material, including old post-consumer windows back into use. Less conductive than steel or aluminium reinforcements, RCM makes it much easier to achieve a higher energy efficiency rating.

Other efficiencies designed to make fabrication and installation easier and faster include self-locating hardware, clip-in glazing bridges and a pre-gasketing system.

Contributing to an overall recycled content of almost 30 per cent (depending on installation type) RCM also strengthens TwentyFour-Seven’s ‘green’ credentials. Add manufacture from a calcium organic formulation, TwentyFour-Seven is one of the most sustainable systems on the market.

Lindsay says: “The market is changing and Swish is changing with it. End users want a choice of styles and finishes and they want products that are energy efficient and sustainable.

“In the Traditional 70 and TwentyFour-Seven suites, we’re able to support fabricators and installers in meeting that demand.

“Underpinned by our investment in the Swish brand and we’re able to offer our customers an added value proposition that simplifies production and delivers new manufacturing efficiencies but moreover, allows Swish fabricators and installers to take that same added value proposition to their customer base.”

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