Epwin Window Systems Investing for the future and for the planet

Published: 24th September 2015

Epwin Window Systems Investing for the future and for the planet


World class manufacturing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and careful research. It needs long-term investment in premises, people and plant. At Epwin Window Systems, future-proofing its manufacturing processes is never ‘finished’ – production manager, Phil Poulter, said: “We’ll always be looking for a little bit extra, but searching for that extra means we get to work with some of the best engineers in the world and to implement the most advanced production techniques”.

Epwin Window Systems has just invested in new RED.CAL equipment from Austrian extrusion specialists Greiner. RED.CAL sets new standards with its closed-loop system. Water is used twice, for calibration and for cooling, and because the whole system is enclosed, contamination is prevented. It saves on water and eliminates the dirt particles that can cause surface scratches. In addition, a demand-actuated system controls vacuum pumps, resulting in a huge saving in energy consumption. This investment is great news for us, and for the planet.

The benefits soon begin to add up. Alongside savings on power and water, maintenance is easier and there are fewer rejects, cutting our waste. And, when everything rolls off the production lines perfectly first time, that equates to an increase in production capacity. It’s a big investment but’s worth it.

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