Epwin Unveils Investment in a Greener Future

Published: 22nd July 2007

Epwin Unveils Investment in a Greener Future

The Epwin Group has announced the acquisition of Celuplas, giving it new and increased capacity to recycle post-consumer waste PVC-U.

The purchase of the Birmingham-based recycling operation comes as part of the Epwin Group’s ongoing commitment to drive forward more sustainable modes of manufacture by cutting the amount of waste PVC-U going to landfill.

Celuplas is a leading recycling business with an established network of customers. Moving forward the business will specialise in the processing of post-consumer waste, dovetailing with the Epwin Group’s existing recycling operation Dekura.

Trading under the new name of Dekura Midlands, the acquisition of Celuplas will give Dekura new presence in the region, strengthening its nationwide network. As part of the agreement all Celuplas assets and employees will transfer to Dekura.

Jim Rawson, Group chairman, said: “As an industry we need to invest in making our products more sustainable.

“This means making sure that we take every opportunity to recycle the waste PVC-U that we generate, whether that’s waste generated from manufacturing off cuts or old early generation PVC-U windows that have come to the end of their lifecycle.”

With more than 30 years experience Epwin Group companies are at the forefront of research and development in the low maintenance window and door and cellular building products sector, manufacturing a wide range of advanced, sustainable and energy efficient products.

The new RCM reinforcement is the Group’s latest innovation. Introduced to PVC-U window and door ranges throughout the Group, RCM is manufactured from post-consumer waste PVC-U generated by the growing replacement of replacement market. Its launch not only brings waste material back into use but by replacing steel and aluminium sections in the window construction process it delivers a wide range of benefits.

This includes cutting out a substantial slice of the labour involved in the recycling process. Old windows inevitably contain steel which needs to be separated from PVC-U before it can be recycled. By contrast windows that have been strengthened with the RCM can be recycled as whole products, saving time, cutting costs and delivering a better quality of recycled material.

Jim added: “We’re delivering a new generation of advanced performance products that are easier to manufacture and install and are making homes warmer, more secure and energy efficient.

“We see cutting the amount of waste material going to landfill and in so doing making our products more sustainable a fundamental part of this process.

“Our acquisition of Celuplas and the facility and the expertise that the Celuplas team brings with it will strengthen our capability still further so that we in turn can offer our customers a better service, strengthening their green credentials and safeguarding markets.”

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