Epwin Group Warns of the Long Term Cost ‘Eco-Disinformation’

Published: 10th February 2008

Epwin Group Warns of the Long Term Cost ‘Eco-Disinformation’

The Epwin Group, the specialist low maintenance building materials group, has reported a successful first outing to Eco-build but warned confusion surrounding the sustainability of PVC-U products could cost the construction industry dear.

With unparalleled experience in the supply of low maintenance PVC-U products to the home improvement, social and new build markets, Epwin Group companies are at the forefront of innovation in PVC-U building technology.

As part of this ongoing programme of investment, group companies have developed an extensive range of advanced ‘eco-products’ featuring ‘A’ rated thermally efficient windows through to rainwater goods manufactured from old ‘waste’ material.

Jim Rawson, chairman, the Epwin Group said: “This year was our first attendance at Eco-build and we have all been impressed with its vibrancy. If not already, it will soon become the major showcase for the construction industry and we’re delighted to have been a part of what for the Epwin Group has been an exceptionally successful show.

“But what will be of concern for the plastics industry is the huge amount of ‘disinformation’ in the market place surrounding the product’s sustainability. The Eco-build show was a success for us because it gave us as a group the opportunity to address and set right much of this confusion. But more must be done to educate and in many cases re-educate the construction industry as to PVC-U’s strengths.”

The Epwin Group is committed to driving forward more sustainable modes of manufacture by cutting the amount of waste PVC-U going to landfill.  Its national recycling facility means the Group is uniquely placed to collect and recycle ‘old’ first generation PVC-U products that have reached the end of their natural lifecycle and are being replaced with more energy efficient and aesthetically stronger products.

Alongside off-cuts and waste from the manufacturing process, this post-consumer waste is then processed and refined, before being used in the manufacture of the Group’s new advanced range of window, door, roofline and rainwater products – closing the loop on the recycling process.

As part of this research and development programme the Epwin Group has become the first manufacturer to make a new advanced window from 100 per cent ‘post-consumer waste’.

Jim added: “The facts speak for themselves. PVC-U is hugely recyclable, in fact research suggests it can be recycled up to 10 times without losing performance – based on a BRE recognised life span of 35 to 40 years and each product could have an overall life cycle of up to 400 years.

“This makes it one of the most sustainable products available to the construction industry but there is a very real risk that these opportunities may be missed because of misinformation and because the PVC-U industry as a whole is failing to communicate effectively with the market.

“Our attendance at Eco-build and that of a select number of other PVC-U window companies is if nothing else a step forward in delivering this message.”

For more information on sustainable and energy efficient building products from the Epwin Group visit www.epwin.co.ukor call 01242 243444.

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