Epwin Group to Showcase ‘New Generation’ of Sustainable PVC-U Products

Published: 8th September 2007

Epwin Group to Showcase ‘New Generation’ of Sustainable PVC-U Products

The Epwin Group, the specialist low maintenance building materials group, will be showcasing its new generation of advanced sustainable and energy efficient PVC-U products at Eco-Build this coming February.

With unparalleled experience in the supply of low maintenance PVC-U products to the home improvement, social and new build markets, Epwin Group companies are at the forefront of innovation in PVC-U building technology.

As part of this ongoing programme of investment, group companies have developed an extensive range of advanced products featuring ‘A’ rated thermally efficient windows through to rainwater goods manufactured from old ‘waste’ material.

Jim Rawson, chairman, the Epwin Group said: “The Epwin Group is fully committed to working in partnership with all those with an interest in the construction industry, whether residential new build, social housing refurbishment or home improvement, to deliver more sustainable but also warmer and more secure homes.

“In pursuit of this aim we have and continue to invest in an extensive research and development programme, to deliver a new advanced generation of products. At the same time we continually review our own house keeping operation to drive efficiency and minimise the impact of our businesses on the environment.”

Significantly, this development has included major investment in its recycling operation as part of an ongoing commitment to drive forward more sustainable modes of manufacture by cutting the amount of waste PVC-U going to landfill.

Its national recycling facility means the Epwin Group is uniquely placed to collect and recycle ‘old’ first generation PVC-U products that have reached the end of their natural lifecycle and are being replaced with more energy efficient and aesthetically stronger products.

Alongside off-cuts and waste from the manufacturing process, this post-consumer waste is then processed and refined, before being used in the manufacture of the Group’s new advanced range of window, door, roofline and rainwater products – closing the loop on the recycling process.

The Epwin Group is not only at the forefront of PVC-U recycling technology but also the delivery of a new generation of advanced ‘A’, ‘B, and ‘C’ rated energy efficient windows.

According to the latest research the average UK home produces six tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Multiply that nationally and you get a total of 83 million tonnes.

Studies by the Epwin Group reveal that fitting advanced performance windows, for example a C rated window, will save 852kg of CO2 per year, per property – the equivalent of five double decker buses filled with gas – and over a 35 year period this rises to 29.8 tonnes. Fit an A rated window and the carbon saving becomes even higher, even positively adding heat to the property.

Jim added: “The challenge to the construction industry is clear – we must take responsibility for the impact our industry has on the environment but moreover we have a responsibility to develop and deliver innovative new products and new buildings that that can actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

“The Epwin Group is fully committed to supporting this process.”

For more information on sustainable and energy efficient products from the Epwin Group come and see us at stand E514 Eco-build at Earls Court London from February 26 to 28.


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